No Mistakes
Should I stay or should I go?

So I’ve never really seriously blogged on here, but I figure hey why not do it now.

I mean what or who can it hurt to say I’m totally falling in love with this guy I’ve been seeing. Yet he is just to blind to even know how much I care. The topping on the cake we have been seeing each other for the last eight months, and we still have NO label. Normally I don’t care if I have a label or not. Then again I’ve never been this into a guy, and I’ve never been denied a label before. He says He thinks things will go wrong if we label us, but what could go wrong with a label that can’t go wrong without one? It all seems the same to me. So why do I care so much? A part of me worries that without the label it gives him free range to talk to other girls. Even sleep with them. Though I never really though this but I also have that free range. I don’t want it though. It’s no use in trying to see other guys. expecially if all I will be thinking about is him.

Should I run? In all reality am i just sticking around waiting for the bomb to explode. The bomb being him finally telling me he doesn’t want me at all. Maybe I’m over thinking all of it, but at the same time maybe I’m not.

Two Things I hate about you, your face.
William Shakespeare
There are no such thing as mistakes.
This Means War
Crazy Ex-girlfriends.

So my friend called me in the middle of the night and said, “hey Tabitha I’m going to pick you up in like 20 minutes i need your help.” I of coarse don’t argue and just agree. So when they pull up i notice they aren’t in their own car. Which this isn’t odd He does this sometimes to same his own gas.  When we pull up I see the damage. All four tires slashed and a rock threw the windshield.

It turns out he broke up with his girlfriend the day before, and she decided to get payback earlier that night. I couldn’t believe it. Honestly I thought girls were only this crazy in movies and stuff. Apparently I was wrong. Why would a girl wanna be this pathetic and low lifted. Sure you get back at them, but obviously they didn’t mean a lot to you if you wanna hurt them. SO why not use that energy for something else. Go find someone new or something. I mean grow up, because your actions affect more then one person.

After we cleaned everything up he had to wait to call a tow person to get it sent to a garage. The effect of this girls actions get worse. He was unable to take his daughter to school (his roommate took his car), take his mom to get her medicine, or do any thing for the rest of today. Stupidity today amazes me.

I was heading home from my friends, and i woke up in the car to this :)

I was heading home from my friends, and i woke up in the car to this :)

Every choice you make effects more than just yourself.




Only 50% of what you see, and nothing of what you hear. Because words can lie, and eyes can trick.
My Grandma Linda
New Years Goal :)

Okay so my new years sucked. The guy i have liked for a thousand years finally kissed me….only to later tell me he likes my cousin still. Umm shot me please.

I get that I don’t have the most prettiest face or perfect body. Yes, i know this, but i am still beautiful. I also am one of the nicest and caring people you will ever meet.

THAT’S IT!!! My New Years resolution: I am going to tell at least one female a day that she is beautiful. Hopefully i don’t get thought of as a weirdo. Every time anyone tells me how pretty i am I feel so amazing. If i could give one girl a day that feeling who knows. I’m going to start on the 10th (even day I’m weird like that). If the girl will allow me I’ll take a picture with or of her and post it on her that day too. :)